I'm a passionate composer and Sound Designer with a love for technologies and narrative-driven projects. Currently working as a freelance composer, sound designer, and mix engineer.

I'm specialized in composition for games, designing sounds, mix music and implementing them using audio middlewares. I have years of experience in music production, MIDI mockups, score orchestration, and preparation, and use of Digital Audio Workstation. I extensively use modular synthesizers, analog hardware and any other modern technology to enhance the quality of my production and give it the sound in which I recognize myself. Other than working with audio and games, I am a passionate Ice skater, animal lover and pretty much any other sports supporter. Oh, and I love pizza!


  • Interactive music

  • Adaptive music

  • Orchestration

  • Score editing

  • Sound design

  • Wwise & Fmod

  • Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools

  • Trailer Music

Find out more about me! Here you can look for my biography, vision, credits selection and contact me if you wish to get in touch!

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